Paris with a 2 year old

We went to Paris about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately our trip to Paris with Taz’s extended family didn’t go to plan from the very beginning: Taz had lost his passport and couldn’t come! I left it to the very last day and finally I decided to take Evelyn on my own anyway. 

A pound shop bucket of playdough was everyone’s best friend on the transport…

So the 3 of us went down to London on the train to meet the Canadians who had arrived 3 days earlier and had been sightseeing in London. Ian, Sam and their kids Jenna 12 and Brianna 9 were in London but Ian’s mum Linda  (who put us up in October in Canada last year and is LOVELY) was already in Preston. We checked into our Wembly hotel and went to meet them. We had pub food and had a wander through some shops. Back at the hotel we all hung out in the Canadians room.

Early start the next day and just as well really, there had been power failure somewhere on the tubes near Kings cross where we were heading so we (and everyone else in london) added at least half an hour to our journey titting around on different tubes to get from a to b.

It was hard work with the pram even with Taz about. I did wonder how I’d manage without Taz getting everything on and off transport. Good job I’m not your average 20 weeks pregnant woman. I ran over a mountain 2 weeks before this trip! I can manage this πŸ™‚ I packed well. Everything I brought fit on or under the pram. 

I said goodbye to Taz at the Eurostar. 

The faffing started when getting on and off the Eurostar because the pram had to be folded. Which meant Evelyn was loose next to train whilst I emptied the pram and folded it down and put my stuff on a seat and came back for Evelyn. She was well behaved on the eurostar and had a little sleep. Whispers about the breastfeeding came. They were expected. But I didn’t care. Ian made jokes about it when Evelyn was just 14 months old when we were in Canada so I expected it this time. Whatever.

At the other side I realised the pram fit through zero barriers or doors from the Eurostar onto the metro which would take us to the airbnb we’d booked. We had to press a buzzer and wait for someone to open a gate that was wide enough. Again I had to take Evelyn out, empty the pram, push all my shit through the door and the folded pram and set it all back up again once through the door. I dragged it up so many steps. I was kind of mortified at the hassle. 

The others said they were buying a prepaid card to use the metro daily. I didn’t because I can’t get around with the pram on it and I’d much rather walk and see the city and not mess about with stairs and gates. Everything was within an hour’s walk of our accommodation, most sights half an hour’s stroll away. There was no way I was getting on the metro again. It was pointless in August especially.

Once at the airbnb which was beautiful, we were shown around. The woman left, leaving just one key (nooooooo) and we went to the supermarket over the road. I bought a few things I thought Evelyn would eat: bread, milk, eggs, pasta, cheese, fruit, noodles, yoghurt etc. I had brought Evelyn some ready brek from home, if she’s had a fussy day she’ll always have a dish of ready brek at night. I didn’t go to the cafe with them that afternoon as Evelyn had been strapped up in her pram on trains and metros all day so I opted to find a park instead, let her play and stretch her legs and meet back in 3 hours, I took the key as the others left before me. 

45 minutes later as I neared the park (I’d got lost) I got messaged to let the Canadians in the apartment. I said it’d take me about 45 mins to get back and i set off 😦 So poor Evelyn who was still in the pram had to sit another half an hour whilst I sped back to let them in. It was all to let one of the kids go to the loo… We agreed to go out together rather than seperate to avoid future key problems and to make an effort as i think they took offense to me not coming to the cafe. So I waited on the grass with Evelyn out front of the apartment. I waited a while and realised they’d left me. I checked out the nearby McDonald’s as they had mentioned it but they weren’t there. So I found a closer play area 10 minutes from the apartment and stayed there til it got dark from black cloud and started to rain. 

We were in the standpit in the rain for about an hour. I’d messaged Sam about getting back in but no response. At 6pm they messaged to say they were back so I came back and got in the bath with Evelyn. She was wet, cold and sandy. When I got out of the bath Ian and Sam declared that they were going to the pub and left me to babysit. It would have been nice to socialise after a long tough day.

So day 2, Friday, I thought it’d be better if we all went out together so no-one ended up stranded outside the apartment or having to come back in the middle of something to let the others in. And they wanted to use Taz’s spare ticket for le louvre. But it was bus tour day so I couldn’t really take the pram. I could if Taz had been with me but there was no way I wanted to try manage that on my own. So we walked to the bus tour start with everyone which took about an hour, later realising there was a stop 10 minutes away we could have used instead. I had to carry Evelyn for most of the way as she’s obviously slow and nobody would wait for us. She cried as I pulled her away from water fountains as nobody would wait for us whilst she had a look. Cities with a toddler… maybe people with 9 and 12 year old have just forgotten what it’s like. We got on the bus (pram would defo not have fit) and Evelyn went to sleep. We got off shortly after so I broke my back carrying her asleep for the next hour round gift shops and sights.

Evelyn woke up. We got back on the bus and got off at an Eiffle Tower view point which was lovely. I got everyone a nutella and banana crepe from the street vendor and we sat down for a little while which was seriously welcomed by me. I was in the bad books though as Ian wanted a cafe, not street food and he got a sulk on. Oops. 

Sam got an email saying the louvre tickets could be cancelled and refunded which was ideal for me as I’ve been before and was only going this time because I knew Taz would love it. At Β£50pp it was good news although I never actually received the refund from Sam. Never mind.

Then the walk to find the next bus back to the notre dam for the tour inside began… There was just absolutely no way in hell that I could keep up this time as the rest of the group were power walking, panicking about missing their notre dam tour slot. So I told them I’d leave them to it and meet them later. We were next to a large grassy area and Evelyn was desperate to run all over it and I couldn’t drag her around all day. I didn’t want to. It wasnt fun.

I took Evelyn in a play area and onto a merry go round that was right by where we’d left everyone, all with Eiffel Tower backdrops and atmosphere. It was a genuinely lovely afternoon. More relaxed and toddler pace. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was great. 

I saw on the bus tour map that I could get on about half a mile away, ride 2 stops and then get on another that stopped somewhere near the aprtment. I got on the first bus and because it didn’t stop at the first stop because no-one was waiting I got off in the wrong spot. Tired and fed up I googled the metro and it was 15 mins walk away. So off we set… with no pram it was a little easier getting on and off although inside the metro station it was bizarrely another 15 minutes walk underground just to get on. More carrying as Evelyn was tired at this point too. I was exhausted. The metro exit is right by our apartment. I was glad to be back close by. But as I couldn’t get in (no key) and it was tea time I went to the mcdonalds a few doors down for a rest with Evelyn. My appreciation for the familiarity of having a mcdonalds nearby since having a toddler has grown immensely!! She likes the yoghurts and drinks that you get in European mcdonalds that you don’t get at home! But Evelyn felt hot and fussy like she was coming down with something.

It was around 6pm and we were back on the very nearby park. I messaged to see when they would be back. I got “we are still on the bus tour”. I took her on this carousel thing that she saw that was near the park, 5 or 6 times! We got pain au chocolate from a bakery and sat outside the apartment as it got late.

I messaged a few more times and to cut a long story short Evelyn was crying “bedtime bedtime” on the grass outside the apartment so when they rocked up at 9.15pm to let me in I was crying on the stairs in the hallway to our apartment and Evelyn was asleep on me, roasting hot. Obviously ill. Probably from the day before where we’d been locked out in the rain. And I was sore all over from the full day of carrying.

I’m pregnant. I’m on my own with a 2 year old. I’m independent and quite capable but this thoughtlessness just tipped me right over the edge and I did have a wobble for a moment. It’d have been better to deal with if we weren’t locked out.

Evelyn woke as we went inside and she became hysterical and refused calpol. She didn’t sleep well all night and wanted to be attached and cuddled all night which I did. Poor Ev. She was so hot. 

Day 3, Saturday. We’d missed parkrun Paris but it was no big deal. Evelyn didn’t fully wake until 8am as she’d slept badly so we wouldn’t have made it for 9 or wanted to, to be frank!

It was Eiffel Tower tour day. So I said goodbye to everyone as they left and arranged to meet near the tower at 2.30pm for a 3pm tour. If I did, I did, if not I wasn’t bothered anymore. Once everyone had gone Evelyn had a long bath and lots of toast for breakfast which I was happy about after such a rough night. It was bright and dry so I hid the key in an electric cubbard and went out walking with the pram. We managed to find the big fancy park called Jardins de Luxembourg that I was looking for on day 1. Evelyn spent many happy hours playing here before drifting off to sleep at about 2 so I text to say I wouldn’t be coming to the tour. There’s no way I was taking that pram in the tower and I wasn’t prepared to carry her as my arms and back were throbbing sore from the day before. I was happy doing what I was doing and so was Evelyn. So we stayed on the park. 

Taz had arranged for me to have tea with a family we’d met in Spain and he had kept in touch with. They had a kid called Andrew who is 2 months older than Evelyn. So as Evelyn slept I grabbed an ice cream and I walked across the city to our district, when she was up we went in a few shops and got her some new playdough.

I met Charbel and Hiba around 6pm in a nice kid friendly place for some food. They also insisted on paying which was nice but they didn’t have to!! 

It was nice to have company. It had been quite lonely so far. They dropped me off at the apartment and when I got back no-one was in but the key was in the cubbard. So I got Evelyn ready for bed and we went to sleep. It had been a nice day.

At midnight the noise began as the Canadians returned. It was sad that they didn’t consider that we were in bed. It seemed irrelevant 😦 The kids were talking full volume right outside my door and woke Evelyn twice. Note to self: never let my kids be so rude. I’d personally be embarrassed.

I laid out my unused running kit ready to go in the morning and packed up everything else.

Day 4, Sunday. Time to go home! I was a bit pissed off about the noise the night before so I got dressed, brushed my teeth and carted all my bags downstairs and stuffed them under and onto the pram all for about 7.30am. I scooped up Evelyn from the bed and carried her downstairs to the exit. That was me officially checked out, eye bags and all! It was the most beautiful quiet morning in Paris. A real autumn day. Determined to make the most of it despite another crap sleep.

She woke up immediately but was happy. First stop McDonald’s! Just a few doors down and it was deserted at that time on a Sunday morning! We spent an hour in there. Drinking coffee, eating and getting her dressed πŸ™‚ I was absolutely shattered but excited about the jogging and exploring we’d do today. We hadn’t seen Le Louvre yet and that was on our to do list. The Eurostar was the opposit side of the city but we had all day to get there.

We continued on in the pram at jogging pace back towards the river and the sights but our first destination was actually to find a duck pond πŸ™‚ We had bread and all the time in the world. Evelyn could stop and get out of the pram and pick up however many leaves she wanted to. It’s so much easier when it’s just us doing our own thing.

Evelyn asked for a cuddle at Le Louvre. I love it when she wants cuddles. It was getting warm so I suncreamed her up and switched her into a short sleeve top.

This, our final day, was by far my favourite day πŸ™‚ It was lovely.

Ev had a sleep at about 2pm in a friendly cafe opposite the station where we’d catch the eurostar. I asked if I could get on an earlier train but it’d cost me over Β£100 so i waited. It was quiet, relaxing and I was ready to go home. I had walked/jogged all the way with all of our stuff. 5 or 6 scenic miles I think. I just changed my bra and top at the station πŸ˜‰

On the Eurostar I sat myself a few rows back for our 4pm departure for some peace on an empty table for 4 lots of room to play. Evelyn did really well on the 2.5 hour journey. 

Back in England we parted ways. I had a train in 50 minutes from Euston and they were waiting 5 hours for a bus. I made the train with half an hour to spare! Plenty.

We arrived home after 2 hours on the train from London to Preston at about 8.45pm just as Evelyn was coming to the end of her tether. So good timing! A homemade bowl of noodles by Taz and a good sleep in peace in my own bed was much appreicated πŸ™‚  Evelyn slept much better too.

Home is where Taz is, these days.


My last post that was truly a backpacking post was back in January 2013 which was about Kuala Lumour and Koh Tao, the last stops on an 80 day trip through a few spots in Asia. An entire lifetime ago…

It’s great to be writing a blog entry about this upcoming trip. Decisions have been made. Details have not been finalised. But its a start. 

I haven’t felt butterflies for ages. I didn’t have butterflies on our wedding day or when I realised I was about the give birth. But NOW I have butterflies πŸ™‚ Strange!

But first….

News: I’m pregnant! I had my scan last week which confirmed baby is well and is now about 15 weeks grown, due 27th December 2017.

Evelyn is almost 23 months old and has been a few places: She has been to Greece and Germany. She has been to Canada. Spain twice (I’ve yet to blog about the second trip… but I can sum it up in a few words: all inclusive, swimming pools, la palma, car hire adventures and kids disco’s). She has also been caravaning and youth hostelling here in England and Wales. She cries to go in the caravan. She loves it immensely because I’m sure she associates it with late nights, lots of other kids and fun. The trip to Coniston for the marathon is the most excited I’ve EVER seen her. Here she is napping in the caravan. She was giddy the whole weekend and kept throwing herself on the grass and rolling around… 2 weeks ago we were caravanning in Stafford for Taz’s 70.3 iron man on the hottest day EVER (He did fantastic, I think 6 hours 30.) But she hasn’t been on “backpacking trip” yet and that just doesn’t seem fair on any of us πŸ˜‰

Marathons are a big deal for me: I managed Coniston marathon in 5 hours 40 minutes at 10 weeks pregnant. Very chuffed with that especially as there’s around 2800 feet of elevation gain. Evelyn had the BEST day with Taz riding about in the kid seat on his bike. She’s so happy to be outdoors. We had warm weather with merciful cloud and a tiny sprinkle of rain the whole day. Perfect! Whether I’ll manage Snowdonia Tail Marathon in 3 weeks is yet to be decided.

Back to the trip:

I blogged 4 years ago, long before I had Evelyn that having kids was no excuse for a life without a backpack if this is what you wanted from life. Time to suck it up and take a bit of my own advice. I’m sure at the time it was thought “what does she know, she has no kids”.

It has crossed my mind how much harder it will be to peel ourselves away from our comfy life and go travelling with kids… Taz is deep into running his own electrical business. It has always been harder for him than me to pack up! Planning to up sticks and leave is never an easy call to make (for him). With a little push in the travel direction I’ve always been able to convince Taz. He hasn’t regretted either time we backpacked, in 2009 or 2013. Who would?!

We were close to buying a new house a few weeks back. The estate agents had been around, mortgage sorted. And then I got cold feet. “Lets stay where we are. Let’s travel instead.” Our current tiny mortgage is a blessing. 

It just takes some balls to go for it πŸ˜‰

Our baby is expected at the end of December. “I” am planning to leave (and take Taz with me, he he) in September. 9 months later. Evelyn will be 3.5 years old and a year away from her start at school. 

How long we’ll be away will depend on where we go and how much we move around as that’ll affect the cost. The savings for this is coming solely from my maternity allowance and a payment I’ll be receiving for looking after my sister’s foster children for 2 weeks, which in total isn’t a massive amount but plenty for at least our international flights and travel for 3 months. September to December would be ideal. And then I guess we’ll come home and go back to work or if things are going well we’ll work something else out… Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?!

We need to take this trip so I can show Taz that it’s possible πŸ™‚

I like the unknown, the nerves, the feeling of being out of my comfort zone, even the shit transport, petty robberies and the queue jumpers make a day more interesting than a day at home and I love those memories: Tapping the glass furiously as vietnamese bus ticket vendors refuse to look up and serve you… Leaving a laos hospital in worse shape than you arrived… Sleeping on the floor because we didn’t book a room in advance over Chinese New year. All travel memories are great memories. And did I mention STREET FOOD for every meal of the day?! I love seeing new places, eating the food and people watching. I like talking to other travellers. Everyone’s dying to tell you where they’ve been and where they’re going. I miss that. And the weather! And Chang beer. And the warm sea. I like to feel alive!!
Time to daydream about my favoirite part – deciding where to go! The possibilities are endless. But my grumbling belly is pointing towards Asia… for a change.

In the mean time this blog is about a family that travel during maternity leave. Her 2nd baby is still tiny but they’re packing up amd heading off for a year. Again! And this one’s happening right now, a family travelling in Asia. I think they’re in Bali now πŸ™‚

Hardest run ever?

It’s not the hardest run ever but it will be for me… that trail half we did last year whilst we were camping in Wales… this year I’m back for the full marathon.  18 miles of undulating trail before the “main event”. Over the top of Mount snowdon, down and round and finishing at what I’ve been told is actually around 27 miles and 5500 feet of ascent later. I’ve entered the coniston trail marathon which is 4th June: 7 weeks before Snowdon. It’ll be a good test of whether I’ll be able to make it round. It’s not exactly flat either: it’s around 2600 feet of ascent. I managed snowdonia road marathon in about 5 hours 40 minutes but that was on the road so I don’t know how long coniston will take me on trail. And I can’t event guess how long for the snowdonia trail… I hear 8 hours is still a respectable time… But I’ll be ready. I’ve joined bowland fell runners. I’ve started doing as many of my runs as I can with BIG hills I them.  I’ve probably done more ascent in the last few weeks of training than I did in total for Snowdon all of last year. 

I have found entering some challenging events takes your mind off what is mundane everyday life. I do feel guilty for saying I need these challenges to keep me busy because I have a very privileged life: Taz, Evelyn and the rest of my family. A job with plenty of time off. A small mortgage and lots of holidays… I still hope that one day Taz just says “ok let’s take off and have an adventure”.

And whilst I’m marathon ready I’m fitting in the challenge of Snowdon because it’s quite possible I’ll be pregnant again soon, maybe this year.  So I want to achieve a few things first!

Jem and Ev go to Spain

Working only 38 weeks a year providing childcare for kids that are using their 15 free hours entitlement means that at the moment I get 14 weeks a year off! Last time I was off was the last week in January. I don’t take most of my “holidays” in the school holidays because… why would you if you didn’t have to!? In January we didn’t go anywhere. It was nice to be off. Just me and Evelyn. But it was crap weather. Cold. Wet. I kicked myself for not grabbing a late deal. Taz had to work. He doesn’t get 14 weeks a year like me πŸ˜‰ In better weather we’ll use the caravan but in the pouring rain this country sucks. 

This time around I knew I’d regret it if we did nothing. I waited and waited for Taz to agree. But no agreement happened. He’s busy at work. So I finished work for the week, went to our friends 40th on Friday night, didn’t do much on Saturday. On Sunday morning I had made up my mind. I got up and booked a flight to Malaga for the following day. Just me and Ev. Skyscanner pointed it out as one of the cheaper destinations for Monday to Sunday and I saw it was then only a short hop on the train to all the resorts.  Ideal. But it wasn’t exactly cheap. About Β£250 for a budet airline flight – monarch out and easyjet back. Evelyn was thankfully the price of peanuts. On my lap. I was open to anywhere! Malaga just worked out convenient. The cheap late deal I’d been daydreaming about didn’t exist for this week! But I was sold when I googled the weather though. 25 degrees! Our flight out was 3.30pm Monday.

For me Sunday was packing, getting Ev some new shoes and printing boarding passes πŸ™‚ My mum made us a roast dinner so no need to fuss and make tea.

I needed a bit of adventure. It’s only Spain and it’s only a resort… but taking a demanding one year old on todd was adventure enough. 

Meanwhile Taz is looking very miserable. He’s supposed to be going out on his bike, doing some ironman training. But it’s raining for a change so he has to pedal away in his cold unit where he keeps one of thiese indoor rollers for his bike. I told him it’d be nice in Benalmadena where I’d found a hotel for me and Evelyn. It’s  Β£300 room only for 6 nights. The 4* Benalmadena palace. He could come for the weekend? So we booked him a flight for Thursday night after work. He’d only have to miss a day of work. We all planned to come back together Sunday evening on a 8.30pm flight.

Myself and Evelyn were dropped off by Taz at Preston train station for our 10.45am train. In true taz style we made the train with 2 minutes to spare. Evelyn loves the train and I love taking her on the train. We have been to the airport on the train before and to Penrith just a few weeks ago. She just likes to play. It’s not worth driving. She usually hates the carseat and it’s just plain stressful. It was a busy time on a monday. The train was a no brainer. I had a small suitcase, a small backpack and the pram. And Evelyn. 

She went to sleep for 10 minutes just before we arrived at the airport and then was up. Typical disrupted sleep. We were delayed getting on the plane about 1 hour 15 minutes. Lots of time to raid the play area and the arcade. All she wanted to do was press buttons. No stress. Easy food from Boots.

So the airport was easy.

Nothing major but Evelyn kicled off in the boarding queue. Tired because of tje 10 minute sleep on the train in the morning. By the time we took off at 4.30 she was flat out on the boob.2 hours 20 minutes to go…

She slept about an hour. Was quiet most of the way once she got up. I flicked the lid of her sipy cup up mid flight and it must have been the pressure but it exploded water all over me and the miserable man next to us. Oh well. I don’t really care much for people that can’t be assed saying Hello.

She was full of beans when we got off. Security was fast and so was getting the pram off the carousel. 

We got the train to benalmadena. The station is just a short walk across the road from the airport. She was quite happy with this and riding in the pram. This made life easier with the suitcase. 

And we walked from there to the Benalmadena Palace. I got lost but it was ok. All downhill. Once there we’d missed any food but pizza. So me and Evelyn had a pizza in the bar. There was music and she was happy to people watch. She didn’t really eat any but she’d been snacking all day. In the room we both had a quick shower and quickly learned the tiled floor throughout our 1 bedroom apartment soon became tiles of death when wet! She was quickly fast asleep in the 2 single beds I’d pushed together. I spoke to taz on the phone and went to bed soon after!

Long but exciting day…!

West to East

​I don’t even have time to go into everything we did in Canada over the last 3 weeks so this is brief. But we’ve been on british soil since 9am monday morning. And Evelyn has barely slept!!! It seems coming home from West to East is more difficult than East to West. She wants to sleep lots in the day and lie in in the morning, but we’ve got her up by 8am and let her have a 1 to 2 hour nap during the day. Shes gone to bed 7pm no problems. But then she gets up between 10.30pm and midnight for 3 to 4 hours. And doesn’t want to get up in the morning. She’s done this all 4 nights we’ve been home with no improvement. 4 days into canafa and she had adjusted. So this morning, being the first I didn’t have to get up and ready for work I let her lie in til midday so that I could too. So she didn’t nap today and refused to go to sleep until 10pm! So maybe she’ll make it to a reasonable time tomorrow morning? 

This jet lag thing is tiring.

8 days til snowdonia marathon…26.2 miles. Shit. Please sleep baba…

This is her about 9am on second day when she didn’t want to get up… cute eh?!

Photos of the travels since radium hot springs (seems a lifetime ago already)…

Waiting to check into our banff hotel:

Back at lindas. I love the banana faces:

We weren’t expecting snow and Evelyn wasn’t keen on the gear she needed to wear to be able to play in it:

We got drunk a few times with the Solomons. They couldn’t have been more welcoming πŸ™‚

We took the kids swimming:

One last road trip for Evelyn to Lake louise via Canmore where we came across a fantastic sports facility called Elevate. They have a climbing wall which you see as soon as you come in, we used the kids pool, Taz used the steam room. It was a nice hideaway when it was cold outside. Evelyn hates the clothes layers when it’s cold, see photos;-)

She cried all the way home from Lake louise to Linda’s 😦 That night she had a raging temperature (again?!?!) and of course she was ill and screaming for hours before bed on my birthday (shit I’m 30!), poor Ev 😦 Perked up a day later for the flight home though but did unfortunately do her fair share of kicking off on the quiet, dark night plane. Neither of us slept a wink. Probably no one in the surrounding area either. Oops.

We’ll miss you Solomons. Evelyn took to you like you have always been around πŸ™‚

Linda thank you for your 2 spare rooms, your breakfasts, brews, teas, tolerance of the ridiculous  noise we made and your company πŸ™‚

Radium Hot Springs

Finally caught up on the blog. Been using driving and baby sleeping hours to write.

We drove 1.5 hours to Radium from Fernie. Cue baby sleep. Cue peace. We have a good travel (or run) while she sleeps system going! 

We had booked a hotel that morning on again. Turns out it was actually a motel! These are weird. This one was called Radium chalet and was run by a Philipino woman. It was ok! It had a separate living area with a tv so we didnt need to disturb evelyn with our chatting at night. It cost us about Β£45 and included a breakfast which we made the most of. It was limited in variety but what was there was surprisingly good. A night was enough in this small town.

Evelyn sent her postcards πŸ™‚ We’ll probably beat them home!

We spent a couple of hours in the springs. It’s a cheap and fun way to spend an afternoon. Less than $7 each to get in. It’s toasty in there! Far from the springs we are used to in Thailand which are mostly not so developed! Some strange woman came and started singing lullabys to Ev. The changing rooms are crap but the spring itself is relaxing so job done I suppose!

We ventured to a nearby steakhouse. You couldn’t tell from the outside but we got in and it was busy and the baby was tired and we were like SHIT please don’t kick off. Amazingly we both got to eat hot food at the same time because Evelyn was fascinated with the bowl of grated cheese that the waitress gave her. Thank you waitress. You saved our bacon. And the food was goooood. 

Strangely though the highlight of the day was getting the baby to sleep and finding a current episode of xfactor UK on the TV. We cracked the beers out. It was like date night. Sorted! Small things eh πŸ™‚ We even put the fire on and made it cozy!

We didn’t hang about in the morning. We took off after breakfast. Evelyn had destroyed yet another eating area with bits of everything flying everywhere. We cleaned her up and headed for Banff. We’ve been before. I love mountain towns. The views on the drives we’ve been doing are stunning. Clear water, trees and mountains… 

Kind of gutted we’ll be doing no climbing. We’re in a good spot for it. I miss climbing. Taz has promised me he’ll come with me again when we get home so we can climb outside next summer when Evelyn us bigger and we can escape for days out or take her with us if she’ll hang about with us. I look forward to that.

Such a life adjustment, this child rearing stuff!