Back in Bangkok

My little Harry brother getting drunk to celebrate us going away - any excuse :-)

My little Harry brother getting drunk to celebrate us going away – any excuse 🙂

Thanks to everyone that made the effort to come to the Bonfire last week to say goodbye, it’s nice when everyone gets together for pea and ham soup 🙂 And thanks mum for dropping us off. Inside the airport door, waving, there was a little wet eye going on!

All packed and ready to trot off :-)

All packed and ready to trot off 🙂

There was a bit of drama with Air Asia whilst we were at home… Air asia cancelled our Macau-Clark flight that we’d booked for late December. They emailed offered a refund of the £120 it cost. I asked for a re-route from HongKong-Clark instead but these flights were £200 and they said it wasn’t possible. So I re-booked myself, with airasia the HongKong-Clark flight at £200. The morning after they phoned me and said I could have a re-route free of charge… but I’d already just booked them myself. So finally 2 weeks later they’ve sorted it, we’ve got the £200 refund coming for the new flights I booked and they’ve changed our flight to one they haven’t cancelled… yet! Air asia routes come and go all the time. Last time we flew home with AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to London direct, they don’t do that any more either. So we’re arriving in the Philipines on the 21st December now, not the 20th. And it’s a morning flight so means an early rise, poor us 😉 But undecided whether to fly to Cebu and onto Bohol for Christmas and New Year, or go to Palawan and a few islands around there. Either option – hotels look expensive!! Getting here was OK.  I remember last time everything felt so quick, this time it was a drag! Qatar landed 40 minutes late in Doha so there was a sprint involved to get on the Bangkok flight that took off 40 minutes after we’d landed in Doha. So we are in here in beautiful Thailand once more… where all your troubles disappear upon landing 😉

Arriving in Bangkok, looking for hotel

Arriving in Bangkok, looking for hotel

Tuk Tuk!

Tuk Tuk!

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

Taz did an impression of an ape having a poo when he heard I’d not sorted China visas before we left. So we planned to sort them here in Bangkok but we haven’t. We are going to do them in Macau instead. It was a tough decision to not get them sorted in England because the list of things you need to take with you and prove to get a China visa is daunting but with only 10 days left when I remembered, I just couldn’t face handing over the passports in the UK! There’s probably more faffing here and we have to find the place to sort them out but there’s no rush now. So we’ve finally sorted out budget. I always feel a bit awkward writing about money but it is the subject that every planning traveller researches! Last time we spent £10,000 in 6 months. Might seem like a massive amount of money but if I remember right we probably spent around £2000 on flights to and from Asia and within asia, and £400 on travel insurance leaving us with a budget of around £40 a day for around 180 days of travel. Staying put last time, we rarely spent more than £20 a day between us including our hotel and yummy food, moving about from town town and country to country we easily spent more. On remote beaches we spent little, in big cities we spent loads. But it all balanced out. This time we have around £50-60 a day. We’ll see how that works out! If you think we spent around £1200 on a 2 week holiday to Greece 6 years back for Taz’s sisters wedding and also spent around £1500 whilst we were there, totalling a massive £2700 for 14 nights, a budget of £2000 for all international and internal flights and about £5000 for everything else this time, is pretty reasonable for 80 days of heaven… anyway we haven’t spent more than 40 a day here in Bangkok anyway so it seems a reasonable budget. Yesterday for example our hotel was 650 baht (£13) and we spent 80 baht on 2 huge dishes of super tasty pork noodle soup for breakfast (80p total) and for dinner and tea we had more great thai food at around 150-250 baht including green tea (£3-4 between us). Beers here are still 50 baht’ish from the 7Eleven shops or around 70 baht from the bars. Bargain. Our 14 hour night bus tonight costs us 550 baht each. I bought a new bangle with elephants on for 150 baht here too, I couldn’t resist, I also have the one I bought here last time – it has massive sentimental value! DSC_0662 DSC_0663 DSC_0664 DSC_0698 Today and then going for beers and to the Paragon to watch James Bond. Tonight around 6-7pm we’re leaving Bangkok on the 14 hour night bus for Krabi to do some swimming in warm water, lounging in the sun and CLIMBING! Special section for climbers… If anyone’s reading that can give us any tips on where they loved climbing, feel free to comment! When we get to Krabi Taz wants to tackle Lion King, a 6c+ he couldn’t get up last time, you climb around a huge flake in the botom half and it just got the better of him. I’m going to have a bash at this route too. It’s on Tonsai’s beach front and surrounded by what look like much harder routes! In the mean time there are a few walls in Bangkok (indoor) but they’re fairly rubbish… the only decent one is the big C and that costs a tenner each entry and just doesn’t seem worth it with all the real stuff about for free so we’ll skip climbing for a few days. JemAndTaz x Some pics of our time in Bangkok…

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