The come down! Wanderlust returns… What’s next?!

Jemma here…

It’s insane that one minute you’re like, “we’re home!” and you’re happy walking about getting blasted sideways by wind and rain, still smiling like a crazy person because it’s good to be home. You catch up with people that want to catch up with you. But nobody’s ever really THAT into your travel tales as you because life does carry on while you’re away… So I tell the tales via a blog so that people that are interested can find them 🙂 After a couple of silent nights (meaning excellent sleeps) and weeks of locking myself in the kitchen cooking up everything I’ve missed (roast chicken, fish pie, pork belly and pea soup etc) the excitement wears off…  you know it’s going to happen but when you land home and you’re giddy you’re like “nah, I LOVE England.” And I do love England, it’s nice.

But you miss the warmth and the relaxation that finding a nice, quiet, exotic place brings. The places that you don’t want to leave because you feel so lucky that you found them and you can stay there for however long you want, and do whatever you want there. Life just ain’t nothing without ADVENTURE! I’ve read a couple of other peoples blogs when they’ve come home and apparently it’s expected “to be a bit deflated after a great adventure.” Sometimes when I’ve got 4 pre-school kids in the house, tea to cook, washing to do and tidying and cleaning and paperwork, I think of traveling with fondness 😉 For now, reminiscing is good… At least we have some really really cool trips to reminisce about! My mind flashes back to sitting on a couple of beaches along the way feeling completely relaxed and that isn’t something to be taken for granted, it’s good for your health! I didn’t think that on a 3 month trip that was pretty much routed out, that we could feel free but we did. So memories like this mean that pretty soon the wanderlust kicks in. Again! Just being able to scoot around a sandy island looking for the perfect location for sunset or the perfect bowl of noodle soup is a great way to fill days 🙂 We have nothing against jam packed shortish trips now too, they’re easier to organize work around – mum I may need you to cover for me again soon 😉 And that what I said about a handful of Thai people pissing me off – I take it all back. Thanks for robbing us multiple times – great memories 😉 I love you Thai people!

Tattoo’s come off??

To rub it in that the fun’s over for now, I faced the music at a tattoo shop today who recommended getting my travel souvenir lazered off my foot. Every time I have looked down at it since it was inked on, it has faded. It’s now an unreadable word and the foot is so feint the staff said a few more weeks and that part would probably be gone on it’s own! I asked them to tattoo over it but they said if it has faded like that this time, it will just do the same again. It seems that tattoo’s that are on your foot can do this, and they also said it was too far down in the first place to avoid fading….. bummer. I am too tanned and the tattoo is still too recent to get it lazered yet, so I’m booked in for April. I won’t be getting it replaced here in England. Because that wasn’t the point!

Keeping Busy = Creating Distractions = Happy Jemma and Taz

To keep busy I’ve been throwing myself into work with the child minded kids and Taz has been straight back into long hours and weekends! I am right back to organizing girl guide camps and activities and the weekly sessions with a handful of other people obviously glutton for punishment. We have a blog that I look after – for our Guide group. We’re taking them to Switzerland in July so that should be fun. We’ve been climbing lots indoors in Preston, Liverpool and Kendal but I speak for both of us when I say we miss real rock! We went to CWIF and saw a few films at their annual outdoor film festival – SHAFF. We watched the pro’s in action all weekend and combined it with a good short break in Sheffield and a top night out in The Green Room. One film we watched featured a climbing trip to South America and got us both daydreaming. We’ll be climbing outside on some nice sport routes in Malham when it’s not raining or -2 degrees and snowing! We’ve never been to Malham to climb but we’ve heard great things along the grapevine and it’s only and hour away.

Mini Trips!

Mini adventures arranged… We’re going to Germany for Dodie’s 30th birthday in May and a climbing road trip through Europe in September 🙂 There’s a series of Brownie and Guide camps that I’m going on, including the 10 days in Switzerland. I have recently been secretly hoping that work doesn’t pick up and a few weeks climbing in Europe turn into months…!

The Future’s Bright!

But then just today when I have been trying to be the sensible one for a change regarding travel and have been trying to get used to saving for things other than travel, we went into Preston city center together to wander around cotswolds looking at travel gear and Taz wants to know if another trip is possible in January next year?! So we decided that a new jar was needed – a saving pot for the next trip. We are searching our post-it covered map on the bedroom wall, wondering where’s next… Even the calculators been out, it has been tapped away at until a number comes up that is a manageable amount to save and we quickly convinced each other there’s no reason why we can’t but 12 months to save is more realistic, we just need to decide where?

The world is our oyster –

“if the world is your oyster, you have the ability and the freedom to do anything or go anywhere”

Some Lovely, Very Random Moments, Funny to us – but you probably had to be there…


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