An hour from Hamburg

Craig and Doerthe were kind enough to invite us over to near Hamburg for Doerthe’s 31st whilst we were all sunning it up on the Koh Tao Island in Thailand back in January. So when we came home late January I booked cheap Easyjet tickets over to Hamburg and the trip seemed ages away. Craig lives in Germany now with Doerthe and they’re actually expecting their first baby this winter! They are planning to build a house on the Bockelmann farm where Doerthe’s family have lived and worked for a reallllllly long time.

We hitched a ride to the airport with Craig’s mum and dad who happened to be going over on the same flight. Once there, It didn’t take Taz long to fit in with the other farm residents.


Unfortunately most of the time we were away in Hamburg it rained! Day and night. Somebody said something about this being very unusual record rainfall for May in Germany.

DSC01780 DSC01812 DSC01798

Between breaks in rain we found entertainment with a Boomerang (I’m sure Craig is now part Ozzy?!) or we rode bikes around and experienced punctures. But most of the time it was raining so we slept in, drunk German beer. Lots of it. And nibbled on cakes from Doerthe’s cafe – Cafe Bockelmann, situated under our bedroom! We even got to feed the pigs, masked up and protected by overalls. I didn’t like seeing a couple of newborn pigs that had died but it was an experience. DSC01825

Doerthe’s birthday party its self was pretty cool. Hundreds of people came from all over the place to celebrate and the food was mmmmmmmmmmm really nice. Some crazy German was forcing shots on everybody. I believe it’s called Heidegeist and it’s 50%. I was trying to stay sobar so that I could help pregnant Doerthe tidy up before the cafe re-opened in the morning but after Taz dropped me on the floor to Dirty Dancing we called it a night and passed out fully clothed and Taz was on the floor for some unknown reason.

DSC01875 DSC01880 DSC01884

We visited a fun fair whilst we were over, in a nearby town. I can’t remember the German name for the pork sticks we had but they were tasty. There was a good ice cream parlour too.

DSC01889 DSC01895 DSC01861Doerthe’s family’s farm is a tranquil place to be.

DSC01940 DSC01932 DSC01966

But being city people after 5 days of rural living we enjoyed looking around Hamburg, visiting Starbucks and having a beer in a bar, too!

DSC01997 DSC01998Thanks you guys for putting us up – and good luck with Baby Bockelmann 😉

We’ve been home a few weeks, and Taz has turned 30. Hurrah!