A year has passed, Evelyn is one :-)

So a whole year has gone by since Evelyn was born. Today she’s a year and 3 days old! My last post was AGES ago. I was struggling getting to terms with extreme sleep deprivation and a lack of exercise!! I don’t get lots of sleep but I manage it better now – we bedshare. And I’m used to it. I get enough exercise to keep me sane. I run twice a week and usually climb once a week with a new partner, Laura. Running has been great for me. I started needing to do something so in February I started legging it around the block for 20 minutes so I wasn’t away long from the baby. Then I got a little bit better and it’s just gone from there. For climbing I had to drive there, boulder alone or find a willing belayer and drive home, running was more accessible and didn’t take me away from home long. I have done a couple of “races” like the Rivington 10 mile trail race, the Hendon Brook half marathon and the Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon. Taz too. We’re both doing the full marathon in October in Snowdonia too. My sister Laura babysits and has been my saviour, as usual. All this without much sleep and while still managing to breastfeed has felt like an achievement for me, and a good 12 months. I went back to childminding 3 days a week in April. Taz’s business is doing well.

Those initial months with a baby though… tough isn’t the word. More details about that on the baby blog if anyone’s wondering. Climbing wise, Taz has lost his mojo completely and doesn’t go anymore. He’s very into his running though and his cycling and still like his open water swimming, so an ironman is on his mind, or at least more triathlons. Hopefully this winter he’ll get back on indoor climbing and be ready for some adventures next year in the summer.


We’ve had some little adventures along the way these last few months. We’ve been to Centre Parcs in Penrith for our first wedding anniversary, Greece with my lot, and camping twice. In 2 weeks we’re going to Germany for a week to see Craig and Doerthe, their 2 kids and the progress on their house build there. Then we’re off to the Isle of man just for a weekend where Taz is doing a big ride in memory of his cousin Luke who died at Christmas with a large group of cyclists. We’re going to Canada in September and will be there for my 30th birthday, for 3 weeks! 2 weeks later (please let Evelyn be good at managing jet lag) we’ll be in Snowdonia again for the marathon. Finally in November we’re off to Centre parcs with my family. We can’t do everything but I think we’re doing ok. The plan is still to spend some extended time in Asia next year… Planning to leave is the hardest part, once you’ve made that decision it’s easy.