Airdrie and Canmore

We are spending 3 weeks in Canada. Taz has extended family here. For part of the trip we’re staying with Taz’s dads cousin, Linda who we stayed with 8 years ago.

we booked earlier this year. It was either Asia or Canada. This time, Canada won! It’s been a while…

We mde our way to Manchester airport by train. When we drove to the airport last month to go to Germany it was way more hassle than it was worth. This way we could play with Evelyn and she wasn’t screaming in a carseat. It really was a pleasure to go by train.

After checking in we had to stop in our favourite place for breakfast.  Giraffe. Then for a beer with Ev asleep in her sling.

Long haul with a 14 month old

We took off to Canada on a Sunday afternoon (I hate early morning flights that leave you tired all day), 2pm UK time and landed 4pm Canada time 9 hours later! It was an experience taking a baby on a 9 hour plane journey and adding 7 hours to her day with the time difference! We prepared as much as we could to help her adjust and help ourselves cope but there’s not a lot you can actually do about it. 

She was good on the plane. Didn’t like the take off and landing restriction as I had to hold her in the burping position, but we had such amazing seats with leg room she played happily most of the way. Shes a cruiser now so liked to walk around holding on to everything and olay peekaboo around the divide infront of us. We 100% made a top decision paying extra for those seats. She could bum shyffle at our feet! We payed about £700 for the flights for all 3 of us with Canadian Affair and £200 in total for the better seats. Evelyn was included in this and was only about £50 as she’s under 2. I took a hand luggage suitcase with toys in it. We walked around the rest of the plane and ordinary seats were St restricting we’d have struggled to keep her happy I think. I know I’d have had way more anxiety anyway and that rubs off on Ev. A massive bonus was there was no one in the third seat so we hd all else seats to ourselves. Amazing.

Airdrie, Alberta

Sam, Ian and the kids Jenna and Brianna met us at Calgary airport and helped us sort out the hire car. It was a nice surprise that they came to help! Linda is Taz’s dads cousin. Ian is Linda’s son. Last time I saw Brianna she was 9 months old. She was 9 years old last week! They all live in Airdrie which is just 20 minutes from the airport. We got a free upgrade as expected really, rental places dont stock any or many small cars it seems… so we paid about £400 for £1000 worth of car for our 3 week break. This has happened to us before in France and Spain. Yey.

Back at Linda’s we were reunited with her. Last time we saw her we took her to Fishermans Retreat about 6 weeks before we got married there to show her. I can’t remember if I was pregnant at this time or not?! 

We all had a few cups of tea, showered and I hit the sack with Evelyn for our brief sleep.
We spent 5 nights at Linda’s in Airdrie. It was like deja vu from 8 years ago when we visited.

During our stay we bought a jogging pram at babies r us: A Bob Revolution. We love our new jogger and can’t wait to take it to parkrun. They are better prices here, the same price in dollars as they are in pounds at home. It’s 1 pound to 1.6 canadian dollars at the moment. I think it was a little better before bloody Brexit.

We went to visit Ian at his new building in Calgary. He upholsters vehicles. 

We went for tea with Linda, Sam, Ian and the kids Jenna and Brianna. Another night we cooked for Linda and then she cooked for us. We feel very at home at Linda’s! Her cats are friendly too: Bill is still around who was 2 years old last time we came to Linda’s, quinny the Manx and Sully the huge fluffy ginger cat. Evelyn has a big Blue Sully teddy at home from Monitors Inc so I think the name Sully confuses her because she’s like, that’s not Sully. We went out for breakfast a few times. Breakfast in Canada is goooood. I love streaky bacon, love eggs and love pancakes. Especially with maple syrup 🙂

We did a short run each In Airdrie. Not logging the miles we should be for this marathon at the end of October! Oops.But we plan to do more out of Airdrie.

When it was really windy we explored a few shopping places. There are loads of bike and outdoor shops to keep us busy.

The weather was HOT when we arrived and gradually cooled over a few days to cold and windy with a threat of snow. But dry. So dry my lips are on fire! Airdrie is a super dry climate. Keeping them plastered in vaseline but they are coming off in flakes. Ouch! On the plus side my hair loves Airdrie. Humidity is the devil to my locks and there’s none here. I can wear it down with no effort and the curls just scrunch up in the dry air and don’t frizz. Yes! I was clearly designed for a dry climate 😉 I had some colours put in a few weeks ago. I fancied a change as I’m turning 30 whilst we’re in Canada… I remember similar hair bliss in Rhodes, Greece. Hot an humid Asia was not nice to my hair so I was a scruff with a bun most days like I am at home!

4 day jet lag adjustment

  • Day 1 

Evelyn slept for an hour at about 12 noon before we boarded. She slept an hour on the plane too. Once in Airdrie she fell asleep at 6pm Canada time so it was 1am in England! We thought this would mean a big sleep that night maybe 6 or 7 hours to catch up. No. She was up one time for a suckle, then up for good at 12.30 midnight for 5 hours which was as expected as i suppose that is 7.30am at home!

  • Day 2

So at 5.30am she went back to sleep til 8am. Evelyn fell asleep in the car at 2.30pm for 1 hour and 15 minutes. In bed at about 8pm. Up briefly 2 or 3 times and then up for the day at 3.30am. An improvement on midnight.

  • Day 3

She went back to sleep at 5.30am for an hour and then 9am for nearly 2 hours as we walked to a breakfast place with the new jogger. Went to sleep at 6pm in the car. Woke at 8pm. Straight back to sleep. Woke her usual frequency in the night and up at 5.30am. More improvement on the 2 previous nights.

  • Day 4

So after her 5.30am get up she slept on me 8am to 10am and I sat and chatted to Taz who was busy using all Linda’s family tree information to update his own. She was up all day after that other than a little half hour sleep in the car at 3.45pm. She often sleeps later if she has an afternoon sleep so that night she was out cold at 8.45pm.

4 days doesn’t sound a lot but it was tiring. 

This is where jet lag ends I suppose. She goes to bed between 7 and 8 ish and gets up about 6am now. She has officially adjusted. Linda was very kind to be so welcoming despite how much we must have disturbed her these first 4 nights!


After 4 nights in Airdrie we took a day trip to Canmore. Didn’t remember it was only 90 minutes away by car. A breathtakingly beautiful drive. We timed it well with a sleep there and a small sleep back in the afternoon. We did a lovely walk, the weather was brilliant. We had some crap food at the hogs head but that didn’t ruin the day. We love Canmore. What a cool mountain town! Reminds me a little bit of Crested Butte near where I worked in Colorado.  But I think I still prefer Crested Butte, or maybe that’s just the memories of being young (20) and excited in a cowboy town so far from home. 

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