Jem and Ev go to Spain

Working only 38 weeks a year providing childcare for kids that are using their 15 free hours entitlement means that at the moment I get 14 weeks a year off! Last time I was off was the last week in January. I don’t take most of my “holidays” in the school holidays because… why would you if you didn’t have to!? In January we didn’t go anywhere. It was nice to be off. Just me and Evelyn. But it was crap weather. Cold. Wet. I kicked myself for not grabbing a late deal. Taz had to work. He doesn’t get 14 weeks a year like me 😉 In better weather we’ll use the caravan but in the pouring rain this country sucks. 

This time around I knew I’d regret it if we did nothing. I waited and waited for Taz to agree. But no agreement happened. He’s busy at work. So I finished work for the week, went to our friends 40th on Friday night, didn’t do much on Saturday. On Sunday morning I had made up my mind. I got up and booked a flight to Malaga for the following day. Just me and Ev. Skyscanner pointed it out as one of the cheaper destinations for Monday to Sunday and I saw it was then only a short hop on the train to all the resorts.  Ideal. But it wasn’t exactly cheap. About £250 for a budet airline flight – monarch out and easyjet back. Evelyn was thankfully the price of peanuts. On my lap. I was open to anywhere! Malaga just worked out convenient. The cheap late deal I’d been daydreaming about didn’t exist for this week! But I was sold when I googled the weather though. 25 degrees! Our flight out was 3.30pm Monday.

For me Sunday was packing, getting Ev some new shoes and printing boarding passes 🙂 My mum made us a roast dinner so no need to fuss and make tea.

I needed a bit of adventure. It’s only Spain and it’s only a resort… but taking a demanding one year old on todd was adventure enough. 

Meanwhile Taz is looking very miserable. He’s supposed to be going out on his bike, doing some ironman training. But it’s raining for a change so he has to pedal away in his cold unit where he keeps one of thiese indoor rollers for his bike. I told him it’d be nice in Benalmadena where I’d found a hotel for me and Evelyn. It’s  £300 room only for 6 nights. The 4* Benalmadena palace. He could come for the weekend? So we booked him a flight for Thursday night after work. He’d only have to miss a day of work. We all planned to come back together Sunday evening on a 8.30pm flight.

Myself and Evelyn were dropped off by Taz at Preston train station for our 10.45am train. In true taz style we made the train with 2 minutes to spare. Evelyn loves the train and I love taking her on the train. We have been to the airport on the train before and to Penrith just a few weeks ago. She just likes to play. It’s not worth driving. She usually hates the carseat and it’s just plain stressful. It was a busy time on a monday. The train was a no brainer. I had a small suitcase, a small backpack and the pram. And Evelyn. 

She went to sleep for 10 minutes just before we arrived at the airport and then was up. Typical disrupted sleep. We were delayed getting on the plane about 1 hour 15 minutes. Lots of time to raid the play area and the arcade. All she wanted to do was press buttons. No stress. Easy food from Boots.

So the airport was easy.

Nothing major but Evelyn kicled off in the boarding queue. Tired because of tje 10 minute sleep on the train in the morning. By the time we took off at 4.30 she was flat out on the boob.2 hours 20 minutes to go…

She slept about an hour. Was quiet most of the way once she got up. I flicked the lid of her sipy cup up mid flight and it must have been the pressure but it exploded water all over me and the miserable man next to us. Oh well. I don’t really care much for people that can’t be assed saying Hello.

She was full of beans when we got off. Security was fast and so was getting the pram off the carousel. 

We got the train to benalmadena. The station is just a short walk across the road from the airport. She was quite happy with this and riding in the pram. This made life easier with the suitcase. 

And we walked from there to the Benalmadena Palace. I got lost but it was ok. All downhill. Once there we’d missed any food but pizza. So me and Evelyn had a pizza in the bar. There was music and she was happy to people watch. She didn’t really eat any but she’d been snacking all day. In the room we both had a quick shower and quickly learned the tiled floor throughout our 1 bedroom apartment soon became tiles of death when wet! She was quickly fast asleep in the 2 single beds I’d pushed together. I spoke to taz on the phone and went to bed soon after!

Long but exciting day…!

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