Hardest run ever?

It’s not the hardest run ever but it will be for me… that trail half we did last year whilst we were camping in Wales… this year I’m back for the full marathon.  18 miles of undulating trail before the “main event”. Over the top of Mount snowdon, down and round and finishing at what I’ve been told is actually around 27 miles and 5500 feet of ascent later. I’ve entered the coniston trail marathon which is 4th June: 7 weeks before Snowdon. It’ll be a good test of whether I’ll be able to make it round. It’s not exactly flat either: it’s around 2600 feet of ascent. I managed snowdonia road marathon in about 5 hours 40 minutes but that was on the road so I don’t know how long coniston will take me on trail. And I can’t event guess how long for the snowdonia trail… I hear 8 hours is still a respectable time… But I’ll be ready. I’ve joined bowland fell runners. I’ve started doing as many of my runs as I can with BIG hills I them.  I’ve probably done more ascent in the last few weeks of training than I did in total for Snowdon all of last year. 

I have found entering some challenging events takes your mind off what is mundane everyday life. I do feel guilty for saying I need these challenges to keep me busy because I have a very privileged life: Taz, Evelyn and the rest of my family. A job with plenty of time off. A small mortgage and lots of holidays… I still hope that one day Taz just says “ok let’s take off and have an adventure”.

And whilst I’m marathon ready I’m fitting in the challenge of Snowdon because it’s quite possible I’ll be pregnant again soon, maybe this year.  So I want to achieve a few things first!

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