2013 Eastern Journey

Our second big trip kicked off on 5th November 2012 and came to and end 24th January 2013. There was the build up, the come down, and 80 days of lovely food, lie in’s, late nights and climbing in between. We’ve both been intensely bitten by the rock climbing bug so this is a big part of our trips now. 3 months of chilled out beaches, beautiful limestone and cold beer (with ice) pretty much sums this trip up.

5th November 2012 – Manchester to Bangkok via Doha

Thailand (4 weeks)

We spent a couple of days in Bangkok before heading down to Ao Nang, Tonsai and Railay for some climbing. We got robbed on the sleeper bus and were also ill for 2 days. We spent a little while relaxing in Ranong’s hot springs. We still have a soft spot for this little town. And then we explored Pran Buri. We had a couple of fed up moments with the type of tourism stereo typically occurring in Thailand. We flew up to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and it was nice here, we really enjoyed it. Taz got himself 40 bee stings at 25 meters up a rock face, and this inspired his latest tattoo.

Sunset Pranang Beach

Macau (2 nights)

We flew from Chiang Mai to Macau on 5th December for a couple of nights in 5* luxury. We stood mesmerized at the beauty of the Venetian hotel, like everyone else. We had a pricey, priceless night out in the hard rock hotel’s night club. It was touristy and expensive but I’m glad we saw Macau – I had done an assignment on it in Uni and was curious to see it in person.


China (I think 10 days)

We loved Yangshuo, it was perfect weather for climbing and the climbing was goooood. The Rusty Bolt climbers bar is now a second home for us. We weren’t keen on Chinese food in general but there were a few good food stalls, we got to know the people there and we remember Yangshuo with fondness and warmth!

Hong Kong (3 nights)

Over populated and over inflated prices for EVERYTHING. I’m happy to never go there again. Hong Kong has no further appeal.


Philippines (3 weeks)

Manilla was dodgy and Clark wasn’t much better. And besides the typhoon and boxing day blackout Bantayan Island was beautiful and welcoming. But the photographs give a good idea of the poverty in general. The greasy food in this country doesn’t make you want to rush back. We love trying new food but there’s only so much fatty meat you can stomach.


Kuala Lumpur (4 nights)

We planned a posh city break and that’s what we got. A nice hotel, plenty of shopping centers and a bit of indoor climbing.

Petronas Towers

Back to Thailand (2 weeks)

Finally flying KL to Krabi on the 13th January for our final stint. We met up with my best friend from home, Sarah, and her cousin Laura. We thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing few days in Krabi and a week in Koh Tao with Craig and Doerthe too. A night in Hua Hin and 1 in Bangkok and we’re all done with this trip. Bangkok on our last night was sentimental because at the end of the last big trip in 2009 we were in the same place. This time I got a tattoo. Wanderlust.


We flew home 24th Jan 2013

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