Mini Adventures

Besides loving the freedom and stress free life involved in long trips along beautiful continents we also try to make the most of holiday time from work and gaps in work to fit in smaller trips – our mini adventures.

In 2007 when we had been together almost a year we parted ways for 3 months and I worked on a ranch in Colorado. Taz came over for 2 weeks to visit. We missed each other than much that we decided all our travels would be together from now on. Soppy! I used to horse ride a lot so this was a good place for me to be. I felt at home and met Sarah who I’m sure will  be a life long friend.


In August 2008 I was lucky enough to be able to take up the opportunity to trek with horses in Iceland and a group of fundraisers for the British Horse Society…

Iceland 378

In 2012 we visited Craig and Doerthe who met whilst travelling a few years ago and they now live in Germany and are expecting their first baby.


September 2013 we did an 8 day Road trip in Europe with 4 others – The intention of the trip was to drive all the way to Stuttgart to watch the invitation only Adidas Rockstars bouldering competition and stop off at Amsterdam to see the city on the way there and Belgium on the way back for climbing.


In 2014 we were also lucky enough to spend a week climbing in France and met some amazing climbers at Johan’s place (we met Johan in Thailand back in 2009) and the guys that make the Petzl Rock Trip films, Baraka Flims. Was a nice week, and we got to climb at Ceuze!


Sometime in the future on a rainy boring day I will mention other trips before we became a family: climbing trips to Spain, the wedding in Germany, a great but super cheap week in Turkey, 8 days in NYC and a couple of weeks in Canada back in 2010 (I think) seeing relatives and beautiful things… and other mini trips I’m yet to mention like the heavily pregnant holiday to Tunisia. There’s also a holiday to Forida to tell about, actually 2, I have been once with my family and back since with Taz and my family where Evelyn was conceived we think…

So many stories so little time!

Since we had Evelyn in July 2015 we’ve been abroad to a few places as a family too:





La Palma

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