Radium Hot Springs

Finally caught up on the blog. Been using driving and baby sleeping hours to write.

We drove 1.5 hours to Radium from Fernie. Cue baby sleep. Cue peace. We have a good travel (or run) while she sleeps system going! 

We had booked a hotel that morning on booking.com again. Turns out it was actually a motel! These are weird. This one was called Radium chalet and was run by a Philipino woman. It was ok! It had a separate living area with a tv so we didnt need to disturb evelyn with our chatting at night. It cost us about £45 and included a breakfast which we made the most of. It was limited in variety but what was there was surprisingly good. A night was enough in this small town.

Evelyn sent her postcards 🙂 We’ll probably beat them home!

We spent a couple of hours in the springs. It’s a cheap and fun way to spend an afternoon. Less than $7 each to get in. It’s toasty in there! Far from the springs we are used to in Thailand which are mostly not so developed! Some strange woman came and started singing lullabys to Ev. The changing rooms are crap but the spring itself is relaxing so job done I suppose!

We ventured to a nearby steakhouse. You couldn’t tell from the outside but we got in and it was busy and the baby was tired and we were like SHIT please don’t kick off. Amazingly we both got to eat hot food at the same time because Evelyn was fascinated with the bowl of grated cheese that the waitress gave her. Thank you waitress. You saved our bacon. And the food was goooood. 

Strangely though the highlight of the day was getting the baby to sleep and finding a current episode of xfactor UK on the TV. We cracked the beers out. It was like date night. Sorted! Small things eh 🙂 We even put the fire on and made it cozy!

We didn’t hang about in the morning. We took off after breakfast. Evelyn had destroyed yet another eating area with bits of everything flying everywhere. We cleaned her up and headed for Banff. We’ve been before. I love mountain towns. The views on the drives we’ve been doing are stunning. Clear water, trees and mountains… 

Kind of gutted we’ll be doing no climbing. We’re in a good spot for it. I miss climbing. Taz has promised me he’ll come with me again when we get home so we can climb outside next summer when Evelyn us bigger and we can escape for days out or take her with us if she’ll hang about with us. I look forward to that.

Such a life adjustment, this child rearing stuff!