Lake Koocanusa

​On Friday morning we set off for the 3.5 hour drive to Fernie. We timed a sleep in for Evelyn and she woke conveniently 2 hours in as we approached Frank where we had a look at a town buried by landslide. We had a brew in the visitors centre and let Evelyn do lots of walking about to burn off some steam and break up the car journey. Lots of planning goes into getting from A to B peacefully and so far it has worked a treat. She has done really, really well.

We continued to Fernie where we went for a pram jog and a look around. Ian, Sam and the kids arrived later. Evelyn enjoyed sharing a slurpie (slush puppy) with the kids.

We shopped at the supermarket and drove another half hour to Lake koocanusa. We stayed the weekend in a trailer (canadian for static caravan!) at Lake koocanusa. It’s cold at night but the trailer has heating and Evelyn has her fleece pyjamas. Thumbs up! The days were a little drizzly but the evenings were dry so we had a huge campfire in a basket both nights. I was a bit on edge because I couldn’t hear Evelyn from the fire and had to check her every 5 minutes but even this didn’t help.  She could be crying for those 5 minutes and I wouldn’t have known as we had music on… We had been using our phones as a baby monitor but there was no wifi for that to work. Anyone who knows me knows my anxiety about her being upset… We’ll get a wireless baby monitor for any future trips! I had a good time anyway 🙂 How nice of Sam and Ian to invite us on their weekend away.

The scenery was beautiful. The lake was still and crystal blue.

After packing up and getting food in Fernie town half an hour from the lake, we parted ways and continued onwards to Lizard Creek Lodge just out of the town of Fernie as our Wolstencroft trio…