My last post that was truly a backpacking post was back in January 2013 which was about Kuala Lumour and Koh Tao, the last stops on an 80 day trip through a few spots in Asia. An entire lifetime ago…

It’s great to be writing a blog entry about this upcoming trip. Decisions have been made. Details have not been finalised. But its a start. 

I haven’t felt butterflies for ages. I didn’t have butterflies on our wedding day or when I realised I was about the give birth. But NOW I have butterflies πŸ™‚ Strange!

But first….

News: I’m pregnant! I had my scan last week which confirmed baby is well and is now about 15 weeks grown, due 27th December 2017.

Evelyn is almost 23 months old and has been a few places: She has been to Greece and Germany. She has been to Canada. Spain twice (I’ve yet to blog about the second trip… but I can sum it up in a few words: all inclusive, swimming pools, la palma, car hire adventures and kids disco’s). She has also been caravaning and youth hostelling here in England and Wales. She cries to go in the caravan. She loves it immensely because I’m sure she associates it with late nights, lots of other kids and fun. The trip to Coniston for the marathon is the most excited I’ve EVER seen her. Here she is napping in the caravan. She was giddy the whole weekend and kept throwing herself on the grass and rolling around… 2 weeks ago we were caravanning in Stafford for Taz’s 70.3 iron man on the hottest day EVER (He did fantastic, I think 6 hours 30.) But she hasn’t been on “backpacking trip” yet and that just doesn’t seem fair on any of us πŸ˜‰

Marathons are a big deal for me: I managed Coniston marathon in 5 hours 40 minutes at 10 weeks pregnant. Very chuffed with that especially as there’s around 2800 feet of elevation gain. Evelyn had the BEST day with Taz riding about in the kid seat on his bike. She’s so happy to be outdoors. We had warm weather with merciful cloud and a tiny sprinkle of rain the whole day. Perfect! Whether I’ll manage Snowdonia Tail Marathon in 3 weeks is yet to be decided.

Back to the trip:

I blogged 4 years ago, long before I had Evelyn that having kids was no excuse for a life without a backpack if this is what you wanted from life. Time to suck it up and take a bit of my own advice. I’m sure at the time it was thought “what does she know, she has no kids”.

It has crossed my mind how much harder it will be to peel ourselves away from our comfy life and go travelling with kids… Taz is deep into running his own electrical business. It has always been harder for him than me to pack up! Planning to up sticks and leave is never an easy call to make (for him). With a little push in the travel direction I’ve always been able to convince Taz. He hasn’t regretted either time we backpacked, in 2009 or 2013. Who would?!

We were close to buying a new house a few weeks back. The estate agents had been around, mortgage sorted. And then I got cold feet. “Lets stay where we are. Let’s travel instead.” Our current tiny mortgage is a blessing. 

It just takes some balls to go for it πŸ˜‰

Our baby is expected at the end of December. “I” am planning to leave (and take Taz with me, he he) in September. 9 months later. Evelyn will be 3.5 years old and a year away from her start at school. 

How long we’ll be away will depend on where we go and how much we move around as that’ll affect the cost. The savings for this is coming solely from my maternity allowance and a payment I’ll be receiving for looking after my sister’s foster children for 2 weeks, which in total isn’t a massive amount but plenty for at least our international flights and travel for 3 months. September to December would be ideal. And then I guess we’ll come home and go back to work or if things are going well we’ll work something else out… Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?!

We need to take this trip so I can show Taz that it’s possible πŸ™‚

I like the unknown, the nerves, the feeling of being out of my comfort zone, even the shit transport, petty robberies and the queue jumpers make a day more interesting than a day at home and I love those memories: Tapping the glass furiously as vietnamese bus ticket vendors refuse to look up and serve you… Leaving a laos hospital in worse shape than you arrived… Sleeping on the floor because we didn’t book a room in advance over Chinese New year. All travel memories are great memories. And did I mention STREET FOOD for every meal of the day?! I love seeing new places, eating the food and people watching. I like talking to other travellers. Everyone’s dying to tell you where they’ve been and where they’re going. I miss that. And the weather! And Chang beer. And the warm sea. I like to feel alive!!
Time to daydream about my favoirite part – deciding where to go! The possibilities are endless. But my grumbling belly is pointing towards Asia… for a change.

In the mean time this blog is about a family that travel during maternity leave. Her 2nd baby is still tiny but they’re packing up amd heading off for a year. Again! And this one’s happening right now, a family travelling in Asia. I think they’re in Bali now πŸ™‚